Products and Services


  1. Complete turnkey services for installation, set up and testing of a television transmission site including digital and analog programming equipment and services.
  2. Specialized On-Call services with 24/7 Telephone and WEB based support.
  3. Repair Services for all makes and models of television transmitters and related equipment. Both on site and shop services.
  4. New and used Transmitter sales and services.
  5. NEW! Switching power supply repairs and services. We specialize in obsolete models such as the ASTEC, HC POWER, POWER BOX AND POWER ONE products.
  6. NEW! Over 500 Media Flo transmitters manufactured by Rohde and Schwarz are available for ATSC conversion. Please contact :  

Featured Products

  1. Blonder Tongue ATSC Encoder
  2. Pro Service has limited number of the SD four channel Blonder encoders available. These encoders are no longer in production from Blonder Toungue. They have chosen to keep the HD version and drop the SD only version.  A give away price for these limited quanties: $6550.00
  3. Four Channel SD or SD/HD Encoder and Multiplexer, Static PSIP and ASI output
  4. RL Drake MPeg encoder and the D2D technologies Mini-Multiplexer
  5. The EH 24 Host which is also a multiplexer with modified firmware for ATSC applications can hold up to six dual encoding MPeg encoders (12 channels total). The system is scalable so you can start with only one module (two channels). The modified firmware outputs only ASI (QAM is deleted). The ASI output is then sent to the D2D technologies Mini Multiplexer for stamping with the required ATSC PSIP (static). Upgrade your digital plant with this product. basic product with  two channels of Mpeg 2 encoding and the D2D MUX is 4995.00. Pro Service will set the system up for you before shipment for $250.00. Additional encoders (2 channel per) are $850. The new EAS switch to place EAS messages on ALL channels is $950.
  6. This is the EH24 host encoder module. One channel encoder Mpeg 2 or 4 and the other encodes only MPeg 2.
  7. The D2D Technologies Mini-Multiplexer can be configured over several models to do all the basic PSIP insertion. It can also output SMPTE 310 or upload a DTV Guide (dynamic PSIP), With the Digital Alert System EAS, the Mini-Mux Alert Model can insert EAS on all program channels.
  8. Lumantek – When the conversion process first started for analog to digital  conversion there was not a single ATSC, affordable exciter  available. The South Korean company, Lumantek and Pro Service worked together and produced the AMIGO. The Amigo covers all television channels and can change channel without test equipment. This is still the best manual correction exciter due to the ease of correction interface.
  9. Mobile M/H
  10. RRD, USA and Pro Service have work together on several ATSC Mobile (M/H) projects. Take a look at what we can do for you.
  11. Pro Service has been using the 1 watt ATSC exciter from Linear Industries for a couple of years. This is the lowest cost  exciter on the market. It is a manually corrected exciter and the cost is only $4250.
  12. Pro Service also provides a low cost MASK filter for up to 1.2 KW transmitter power applications. Starting cost for this Stringent Specified filter is $1850. Equipped with 7/8 EIA flanges in/out. Filters to fit your specific power levels and performances are available for quote.

Off The Air Digital Items (Translators and STL’s)

  1. The RL Drake DAD860A all channel receiver can download any terrestrial channel and output a 480i SD ASI stream. Add the D2D Technologies Mini-Mux and you can re-stamp the PSIP as required. This is a low cost way to add coverage to your digital translator system.
  2. If you have HD to translate then the DVEO professional ATSC receiver is recommended.
  3. For a lower cost solution the Channel Catcher ATSC processes SD/HD without all the extras the TLV 300E provides.

Manufacturers that I Highly recommend and use:


Linear Industries, Inc.

ATSC Encoding equipment:

Blonder Tongue
R L Drake
D2D Technologies

EAS Equipment
Digital Alert Systems