Current Events




PRO SERVICE, Inc. enjoyed a very fine year in 2011. We provided sales and services from as far away as America Samoa back to our fair city of Philadelphia, PA. Despite the economy that has not been nice to many, Television Broadcasting was and still is the place to do business with dynamic people with a vision.


The most complicated of our services was performed late in the year 2011. SAGA Broadcasting station located in Victoria, TX. Had received a permit from the FCC to build out the LP digital channels they had applied for years ago. Pro Service has already provide the first two LP digital transmitters and finished the installation and commissioning this past summer. The latest additions would require an up grade from a three-way combiner to a five-way combiner. One channel, KAVU 25 (CH 15 RF) and now four LP digitals will share a common antenna.


KAVU made the decision to contract Pro Service due to our expertise and the ability to work on short notice. Pro Service would also provide the additional transmitters too. Dec. 31 was the deadline to have the complete system functional.


ERI was contracted by KAVU to provide the combiner. It arrived in Mid December and Pro Service was on site a few days later. The problem we encountered was removing the existing abandoned analog transmitter, and all the over head RF items. Unfortunately, with the short time frame given, there would not be time to do a permanent installation with the new combiner suspended from the ceiling. It was agreed that this would have to be accomplished at a later date.


Over a four day period, the analog transmitter and most of the RF system was removed. Add in a couple of all nighters and the new five-way combiner was installed and four of the five channels were back into full operation.